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Are you ready for the newest eyebrow and eyelash treatment options?

What is it? Eyebrow and eyelash tinting is a procedure where semi-permanent dye is applied onto the eyebrows or eyelashes. The purpose is to make them appear thicker, darker, and fuller. The procedure lasts for 15 minutes, but the color stays on for about 3 to 6 weeks.

A lash lift is a semi-permanent procedure that gives you the appearance of fuller eyelashes.

Brow Lamination is a Professional Lift for fuller brows. Brow Lamination can recreate your brows without the need of needles or semi-permanent makeup.

Why we recommend it

There are many benefits when it comes to tinting your eyelashes and brows. Those who want to emphasize their eyes and lashes, are allergic to mascara, or have other issues with using makeup products will find the procedure beneficial. Eyebrow tinting gives you bolder, natural looking eyebrows since the actual hair of the eyebrow is tinted to a darker color.

With a lash lift, you won’t have to deal with clumpy mascara or annoying falsies. Plus, you’ll wake up every morning with naturally long, thick lashes.

Brow lamination is an amazing solution to gaps, thinning, over-tweezing, and unruliness. If you are losing brow hair, either through the natural aging process, illness, or just over-waxing, this is a noninvasive, temporary, but impactful way to enhance the look of your brows.


With a lash lift there is no gluing involved and you do not need any touch ups after treatment! Lash lift offers more lasting results than lash extensions. Lash lifts can last for around 8 to 12 weeks, while lash extensions last for only 3 to 4 weeks.

Eyebrow lamination is pain-free, long-lasting and non-invasive.


Eyelash tinting

Eyebrow tinting

Lash lift

Eyebrow lamination


Eyebrow and Lash Tint:

To obtain the most out of this treatment, avoid washing your brows and lashes for at least 12 hours. You should also avoid excessive touching or rubbing the treated areas for at least 24 hours.

Lash Lift:

Avoid cleansing around your eyes or applying makeup for at least 48 hours.

Eyebrow Lamination:

Do not get your brows wet within the first 24 hours. Do not apply makeup or receive any treatments around the brow area for at least 24 hours. You should also avoid excessive touching or rubbing the treated areas for at least 24 hours.

How long does a brow tint last?

The results of brow tints last between three to eight weeks and lash tints last about a month.

How long does a Lash Lift last?

Lash lifts last 8 – 12 weeks.

How long does and Eyebrow Lamination last?

Eyebrow lamination lasts 4-6 weeks.

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    I’ve been searching for a place and provider like this most of my adult life! from the moment you walk in you are greeted with a spa like experience in a dr.’s office wow! then combine that with an amazing provider like Courtney what a huge win! Looking forward to my future opportunities with her on managing my care.

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    Cincinnati, OH

    The experience was wonderful! The office personnel and Dr. Davidson was great. I’ve informed my sister that she might want to go here. Thank you

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    Highly recommend this place to any woman looking for care after they are done having children!! And also be sure to see Kendra for all your anti aging needs ❤️❤️

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    I had my fist visit today with Melanie Zavala and I felt heard, and we were able to address my questions and make a plan for treatment. I’m very happy with my visit, this practitioner and the professionalism and courtesy at the office. I look forward to continue my post-menopause health care at HerMD Millburn.

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    My doctor listened, took me seriously, and ordered the right tests. I’m so glad this place exists!

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    Absolute amazing work experience!!! Michelle is amazing and only wants what is best for her patients!! Highly highly recommend!!

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    Great atmosphere- felt like a spa not a doctors office. Staff was great

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    My first appointment and I loved it. Everyone so friendly and helpful. Teri is a fellow breast cancer survivor which was all the better. So happy I made the switch to HerMD.

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    Katie RN and Terri Greer NP are actual angels! So supportive and caring! Would recommend to anyone wanting GYN care!

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    A girl’s kind of place. Awesome people & a comfy/inviting office 🙂

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