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Has seasonal change got you thinking about changing up your skincare routine?

Our in-house aesthetician Lexi Grosvenorwants you to remember your lips! Her easy lip routine will keep your lips hydrated and plump year-round.

Step 1 ~ Cleanse

First things first, you have got to cleanse your lips. If you’re not including your lips in your regular skincare routine. Try incorporating a gentle facial exfoliant in the skincare mix. Lexi recommends the Zo Exfoliating Polish to remove dead skin cells on and around the lips.

Lip tip: Avoid using exfoliators with active ingredients like retinol, AHAs, and BHAs.

Step 2 – Moisturize + protect

A good lip moisturizer is an essential part of every routine. For daytime production, try a simple balm with SPF like the Aquaphor Lip Repair Stick. To lock in the moisture at night, try a sleeping lip mask like the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

Lip tip: Avoid using chapsticks with coconut oil or beeswax that clog the pores.

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Live your best life - inside and out.