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Nashville Advance Screening in Partnership with HerMD, Vanderbilt and MHA

Below the Belt is a moving and captivating documentary that follows a diverse selection of women with endometriosis as they navigate their diagnosis from personal symptoms and navigating their everyday lives to the impact on their relationships.

Endometriosis (“endo”) affects approximately 200 million people across the world. Despite how common it is, it takes an average of 8 doctors and 10 years to properly diagnose. A greater diagnostic delay exists for women of color who are less likely believed, diagnosed, and effectively treated. During that time, many are often told incorrectly by doctors that an array of ineffective drugs, pregnancy, and hysterectomies are the only cures.

Below the Belt will spark urgently needed conversations about these injustices and the need for widespread systemic change. Through its powerful, intimate storytelling, Below the Belt calls for a future where all people have equal opportunities for education, fulfilling careers, family and healthy, vibrant lives. It’s a tribute to the strength of women and a stirring message for better care.

Caro Carmichael

Caro is the Director of Content and Partnerships for HerMD and has spent the majority of her career in the digital marketing space collaborating with small, agile teams in fast-paced working environments.

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