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The EMSCULPT NEO® Bus Tour is coming to HerMD Franklin!

Join us for this hands-on experience and explore exciting, innovative treatment options to reduce fat and build muscle. The BTL Bus Tour is set to feature EmSculpt Neo and other groundbreaking technologies. We will be offering free trials, savings, and giveaways only at this event!

This event will include exclusive demos available as time permits. Space is LIMITED and first come, first served!

Save up to $1,000
on 6 EmSculpt Neo treatments

EmSculpt Neo at HerMD

EmSculpt Neo is currently the only available treatment option at HerMD Franklin. Improve muscle strength and definition with an FDA-cleared, non-invasive body sculpting treatment to break down fat and strengthen and tone various body areas. Read more about our treatments and results:

“EmSculpt Neo is THE body contouring treatment!! As we age, it becomes more difficult to build and retain muscle. I recommend this treatment for patients wanting to build muscle and lose fat.”

– Karen Medeiros, RN


April 12th | 3-5pm

at HerMD Franklin

This event has already happened


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Live your best life - inside and out.