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A fabulous afternoon with engaging discussions on wellness and beauty.

Join our very own Dr. Taylor Hahn and other experts for engaging discussions, delicious food, refreshing drinks, shopping, and learning! 

Welcome to the Wellness and Beauty Extravaganza by U Glam Girl inc. Salon owner and master stylist, Christina Lockett, has carefully crafted this inclusive space to empower women from all backgrounds on their journey of self-discovery.

Experience a four-hour extravaganza filled with engaging discussions on wellness and beauty, all while enjoying cocktails and a plated meal. Discover the significance of prioritizing your health through the harmony of self-care and glamour. This day is dedicated to reinvesting in yourself, so don’t miss out.

This Wellness and Beauty Extravaganza is for:
  • Women Entrepreneurs seeking connections with life coaches, therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, stylists, and estheticians to support them in fulfilling their purpose.
  • Diverse professional women interested in being immersed in our vast but diverse melting pot of brands.
  • Stay-at-home mothers ready to learn how to start their side venture from working entrepreneurial mothers and grandmothers.
  • Students Looking for guidance to navigate school and life effectively.

The U Glam Girl Movement is a community that empowers a variety of professional women to explore and thrive in their purpose.


Host: Christina AnnFounder of U Glam Girl Movement

Emcee: Jennifer MagleyMedia Coach, Motivational Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Kim Roxie, Founder and CEO LAMIK BEAUTY

Panelist: Dr. Taylor Hahn, MD, FACOG. Board Certified OBGYN, HERMD

Panelist: Lauren ALcorn, NP, Innate Way Wellness

Registration ends April 21st

U Glam Girl 2024 Wellness and Beauty Extravaganza

May 5th | 2-6pm

at Hotel Carmichael


Live your best life - inside and out.

Better care is here

Live your best life - inside and out.