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Access to contraception is now more important than ever. 

Need counseling on what birth control may be right for you? Need an IUD inserted or removed? Our healthcare team is here to help you manage your contraceptive care.

What Exactly is Contraceptive Care?

Contraception is the act of preventing pregnancy. Various contraceptive methods can be used to prevent pregnancy. At HerMD, we offer both hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptive methods to our patients.

What types of Birth Control Does HerMD Offer to its Patients?

Some of the hormonal contraceptive methods include:

  • IUDs
  • Nexplanon
  • Daily oral contraceptive pills OCP
  • Weekly patches
  • Monthly rings

Non-hormonal contraceptive methods include:

  • Phexxi
  • Condoms

Emergency contraception

  • Plan B
  • Ella

What to expect on your visit

During your visit, you can expect your care team to listen to and address all your contraceptive needs in a safe and trusted space.

A consultation for contraception may include:

  • A history and physical examination
  • Counseling on contraception methods
What types of contraception are available to me?

We offer many different contraceptive methods to our HerMD patients. We are proud to offer both hormonal and non-hormonal options, and we work with our patients to determine a method that fits with their lifestyle.

How effective is contraception?

The exact efficacy depends on the type of contraception used, but most contraceptive methods are highly (around 90-99%) effective when used as instructed.

What are the most common side effects of contraception?

The most common side effects depend on the type of contraception utilized. In patients who experience side effects, most are short-lived. The most common side effects of contraceptive pills include: breast tenderness, nausea, and mood changes. The most common side effects of IUDs include cramping and temporary abnormalities in bleeding patterns. However, it is important to note that the vast majority of people will not experience side effects.

The HerMD Difference

  • 10 minute appointments
  •  20 – 60 minute appointments
  • Fragmented
  • In-person only
  • Hybrid: in-person and virtual
  • Sterile environment
  • Patient-centric, beautiful and warm
  • Focus on obstetrics, annuals, and STI care
  • Gynecology, sexual health and menopause focused with ISSWSH and NAMS trained providers

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But don’t just take our word for it…

  • Patty Penuell

    I would recommend this practice/office to anyone. The people are friendly and attentive. The office is new, bright and pretty and Teri is amazing! I felt at ease and important from the time I walked in, to the time I left. Top-notch!

  • Stephanie Norris

    The whole experience with HerMD in Franklin TN from start to finish has been amazing. I was a new patient and met with Terri Greer. She was fantastic! She listened to all of my concerns and helped me sort through which options would be best for me. She spent over an hour with me and never once did I feel rushed or that she needed to get to the next appointment. She talked with me like a friend and never down to me if I had questions. I am so happy that I chose to go with HerMD and cannot recommend them enough!

  • Madison Hair

    I had my first ever Botox experience here and all the employees made me feel so comfortable. They are very informative and always have your best interest in mind. I can’t wait for my gyno appointment!

  • Shelby Southerland

    The office is so inviting and the staff is so knowledgeable. I really felt heard and understood when visiting the Carmel location. The women here take the time to listen to the needs of their patients and not rush them along. Hannah was my Botox injector and I’m so pleased with my results!!!Gynecological care and esthetic services all in one place, thank you for such great care.

  • Julie Virag

    Such a great experience. I was very nervous about my appointment due to some abnormal test results I received from my primary doctor. Teri Greer made me feel heard. She told me all of the possible scenarios, but was very calming and helped me not stress about my condition. She really put me at ease. Terri is amazing and I would highly recommend!!!

  • Elizabeth Mercer

    I just love everything about HerMD! The office is so girly, pretty and welcoming. Terri Greer NP is warm and caring. She always makes me feel comfortable and is extremely knowledgeable in anything and everything female! Karen Medieros RN has mad injector skills and always makes me look and feel beautiful. This is definitely an office I look forward to visiting!

  • Yarymary Diaz

    Excelente facilidad, cálida y acogedora. Su personal muy amable y profesional. Mi Dra. Michelle Montville es la mejor por su carisma, empatía y se toma su tiempo en explicarte todo lo que necesitas saber

  • Katie Woods

    It’s so very rare to find a provider that will truly sit and listen to you and work with you. Dr. Montville is amazing and the front office goes above and beyond to help.

  • Candice mcIntyre

    I have had a wonderful experience here. Staff is professional and never makes you feel like they are in hurry to run out the door. Very knowledgeable about women’s health. Finally a place that has an interest in what’s going on with women after the birthing years! Refreshing!


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