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The mind body connection is real.

Women’s health care, including sexual health, menopause care, and survivorship are multi-discplinary and often require an integrated team- based approach to treat the whole you from head to toe.

Mental Health at HerMD:

  • Therapy

    Your biggest sex organ? It’s your brain. Sex & relationship therapy is often part of the care plan for our sexual health and survivorship patients. We have a robust network of sex and relationship therapists to whom we refer our patients.

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  • Medication support

    We offer medication treatment for anxiety, depression, PMDD, PPD as well as for the mental health changes associated with perimenopause and menopause.

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What most of us do not realize, is that the brain is one of our most important sexual organs!

Let’s start by identifying the many factors that affect your sexual desire.

Sexual desire can be affected by psychological factors like relationships, stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, body image, sexuality, or identity. Physical factors can also affect sexual desire, like hormonal imbalance, medication, pregnancy, illness, injury, pain. A change in sexual desire may also stem from a lack of education surrounding sexuality.

There may be some questions you want to further examine like, what kind of messages did you receive surrounding sex growing up? What are your beliefs about pleasure? Are there barriers to exploring your sexuality or what you may like/dislike? These are some of the places we explore when we begin sex therapy.

The mind-body connection.

Because of the lack of dialogue surrounding sexual health, we may see ourselves as “broken” when experiencing a change in sexual desire.

This judgment may cause distress, leaving us feeling confused, worried, or with a sense of shame. Worst of all, we may feel like we are alone in these experiences.

Many people assume that changes in sexual desire are caused strictly by physical sources, without considering the roles our brains, psyche, and cultural/societal factors may play. But, there is typically more context to a change in sexual desire than just the physical. When it comes to our sexual health, we often have to treat both mind and body.

The HerMD Difference

  • 10 minute appointments
  •  20 – 60 minute appointments
  • Fragmented
  • In-person only
  • Hybrid: in-person and virtual
  • Sterile environment
  • Patient-centric, beautiful and warm
  • Focus on obstetrics, annuals, and STI care
  • Gynecology, sexual health and menopause focused with ISSWSH and NAMS trained providers

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But don’t just take our word for it…

  • Makayla Kerns

    Wonderful clinic, highly recommend! If I could change anything I would add to their patient portal a way for patients to be able to access their medical records online.

  • MaryAnn

    Cincinnati, OH

    Lexi is the best when it comes to your skincare needs

  • Shell G

    Everyone is great at HerMd KY. The office is so homey and welcoming.

  • Elizabeth Cotton

    I’m so thankful to find HerMD. A group of women physicians treating women. The care was great but also the experience was great. The nurse practitioner spent a lot of time with me and didn’t rush through the appointment. It was great!

  • Elizabeth Velazquez-Noll

    Rachel was fabulous. She is friendly and knowledgeable, gave me options without making me feel pressured and I am so happy with the outcome!

  • Anthony Ripepi

    Cincinnati, OH

    Great staff and always get me in last minute. The only place I never have to go back for touchups because they do a great job the first time.

  • Jessica Lewis

    Cincinnati, OH

    Friendly staff and amazing 1:1 time during your appointment, they listen and take care of your needs

  • Karen Jarrold

    Cincinnati, OH

    Michelle is great! Made me feel comfortable. She is very good, knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

  • Tina Hochwalt

    Cincinnati, OH

    The best services ever!!!! Lexi is the Bomb Diggity

  • Nicole S.

    Cincinnati, OH

    I highly, highly recommend this practice – especially for people who are neurodivergent and/or who have anxieties around receiving medical care. All staff members were pleasant to interact with; I let the medical assistant know that I’m typically a hard stick, but bless her, she got it in one try. I wish I could give them more than five stars!


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