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In this episode of HerVoice we’re talking with Libby.

Libby is a patient of ours who came to us with several sexual health issues including vaginismus (Vaginismus is the body’s automatic reaction to the fear of vaginal penetration. Whenever penetration is attempted, the vaginal muscles tighten up on their own. Women have no control over it.), vulvodynia (chronic pain in the vulva), and decreased libido (or decreased interest in sexual activity.)

She began experiencing a lot of pain in her vulvar area in her 20’s – pain came with intercourse, inserting a tampon, or any type of contact with her labia and vulva. She didn’t know what was causing the pain and sought out care.  When Libby talked with her friends, no one could relate to her healthcare concerns. She embarked on a healthcare journey and was left feeling hopeless. When talking with her healthcare providers no one mentioned the word vulvodynia, no one offered her treatment options. Libby felt isolated and lived with sexual pain for years before she was even able to receive a diagnosis.

Libby’s story, unfortunately, is all too common for many women who seek out a diagnosis for their sexual healthcare concerns only to be left dismissed and hopeless. In this episode she bravely shares her story of struggling with sexual dysfunction, the impact it had on her life and her relationships and finding hope again.

Komel Caruso

Komel oversees the strategy and execution of business development, sales, patient experience and marketing, including branding and content, across all marketing channels for HerMD.

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