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We at HerMD put a lot of effort and intention into the products we recommend to our patients and readers.

We value quality and innovation backed by science. So when maude made it onto our radar, we were intrigued by their mission of offering and educating consumers on inclusive sexual health. They, like us, are on a mission to improve sexual wellness through research, advocacy, and access. It brings us great pleasure (pun intended) to introduce you to the six new Maude products now carried at HerMD practices.


This thoughtfully-designed vibrator was made to look and feel good. Modern materials, like platinum-grade silicone, make up your potential new coitus companion. Whether used solo or in partnered play, vibe focuses on external stimulation so you don’t have to. Pair with a water-based lubricant to ensure your investment lasts longer than most orgasms do.

shine organic

Speaking of water-based lubricants, the folks at Maude developed shine organic to be hydrating and 100% natural. This vegan, fragrance-free lube pulls its moisture from its most active ingredient: Aloe. Maintain your pH balance as you maintain moisture and momentum. Who knew you could pack such a punch in 8 ounces.

rise and rise plus

The best sex is safe sex. maude takes that a step further by creating an ultra-thin, fragrance and spermicide-free condom available in two sizes. These FDA-approved, 100% natural latex prophylactics come in discreet and easy-to-open packaging—making more time for what matters: your pleasure. 

burn no. 0 and burn no.1

Nothing sets the mood quite like a candle and a massage. Maude made a product that does both. Available unscented or with warm notes of amber and cedar leaf, burn is a moisturizing massage candle that when extinguished produces a sensual oil to properly set the tone for an intimate evening. Learn why Dr. Javaid loves burn no. 1 on TikTok!

Interested in one or more of these products? Give us a call to learn more and stop by our clinics in Kentucky or Ohio to purchase. 

Do you want to learn more about menopause and sexual health?

We’re hosting a webinar with Maude on July 14th at 6 PM EST to cover what is happening to the body during this stage, how to treat symptoms, and what needs to happen in our broader community to change the narrative around menopause, REGISTER NOW.

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