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Over 50 million women in the US are in menopause, yet, there is still a lack of education and awareness around the symptoms of menopause as well as treatment options.

Why is society still not ready to talk openly (and without shame or stigma!) about menopause and its symptoms?

The latest episode of the HerVoice podcast is focused on talking all things menopause with Womaness founders Sally Mueller and Michelle Jacobs. Symptoms, treatment options, cultural views on menopause, and menopause as the (not so silent) glass ceiling – nothing is off limits. Women are in the prime of their lives when they experience menopause – why are we not celebrating this time and giving women the information they need to treat their symptoms so they can live their lives to the fullest? As Sally and Michelle say, menopause is “the afterparty”, and we at HerMD can’t think of a better way to reframe the conversation around menopause.

Komel Caruso

Komel oversees the strategy and execution of business development, sales, patient experience and marketing, including branding and content, across all marketing channels for HerMD.

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