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The mind-body connection can have implications for emotional and physical health, both in and out of the bedroom.

Our sexual health is intimately tied to our emotions – positive emotions such as joy, desire, and excitement boost physical pleasure and satisfaction. At the same time, negative emotions can hinder sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Depression, distraction, irritability, stress, and sexual dysfunction can affect not only the ability to have sex but also your ability to remain present and fully enjoy sex and intimacy. Healthy sexuality and intimacy often starts with emotions associated with sex.

If you are unable to enjoy sex, or are having problems with your partner in the bedroom, sex therapy can help. During this episode, we spoke with Emma Schmidt, founder of Emma Schmidt and Associates, a practice dedicated to promoting healthy sexuality and intimate relationships. Their mission is to promote healthy sexuality and great intimate relationships. We’ll hear about Emma’s personal experience of sexual concerns in her marriage, how it inspired her to become a certified sex therapist, and how sex therapy can help individuals and couples.

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