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Our no-holds-barred virtual conference on women’s sexual health took place on June 26th and we can’t be more proud of this event.

Sexual health matters to every woman’s overall well being. Over the course of the summit we heard from the nation’s leaders in women’s sexual health and learned how they are revolutionizing healthcare for women.

Cindy Eckert, CEO The Pink Ceiling – The Female Sexual Health Revolution is Here. 

Dr. Julianne Birt – Painful Sex

Dr. Jessica Shepherd – Sexual Revolution with Fem Tech 

Dr. Somi Javaid – From Bench, to Bedside, to Bedroom

Dr. Sarah Bartlett – Transgender Care in the Gynecology Practice

Dr. Lyndsey Harper – Innovation for Special Populations: Survivorship and Sex

Emma Schmidt – The Mind-Body Connection

Dr. Somi Javaid – Vaginas, Lasers + Botox, Oh My! 

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Live your best life - inside and out.