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It’s the season of skin.

As the weather gets warmer, we’ll be wearing crop tops, shorts, tanks, swimsuits, and sandals.

If aesthetic or gynecologic issues are keeping you from enjoying the skin you’re in, we want to introduce you to your potential new bestie: the Morpheus8 (M8).

We use the M8 technology at HerMD to treat a variety of aesthetic and gynecologic conditions. Treatment with the M8 technology is delivered using a handpiece, part of the EmpowerRF platform by Inmode. The M8 handpiece is a minimally invasive device that combines microneedling and fractional radiofrequency energy to penetrate deep into the tissues of the skin. What does this all mean? Well, according to Yale Medicine microneedling is “tiny needles that make precise, microscopic punctures in the skin. These ‘micro-injuries’ do not leave scars; they work by helping to stimulate the skin to repair itself naturally through a process called dermal remodeling.” This healing response produces new collagen and tissue, which is what helps skin appear healthier, firmer, and youthful.

On the aesthetics side, the M8 technology helps to enhance a variety of skin conditions across the body.

For example, as we age, factors like menopause or sun exposure can impact the skin. Dryness from a dip in estrogen levels, crepey skin caused by genetics, or prolonged time in the sun can be dramatically improved with the M8 treatment. The M8 is a powerhouse tool that can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, acne scars, surgical scars, stretchmarks, loose skin, sun damage and hyperpigmentation, all with little to no downtime. After the procedure, you can expect results to appear anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months.

The M8 technology platform can also be used to treat gynecologic conditions, such as Lichen Sclerosus, vaginal dryness, stress incontinence, and painful intercourse, to name a few.

The M8 handpiece can be applied externally to the vulva, labia minora, and labia majora, and uses 24-pin needles combined with radiofrequency to improve tone and texture of the tissue surrounding the external genitalia. Our provider, Jackie Robinson Martin, dives deeper into the procedure here. An additional handpiece that we use at HerMD to treat gynecologic conditions is the Morpheus 8V, or the M8V, technology. The M8V is a different handpiece than the M8, but closely related. It is considered the “sister” handpiece to the M8, but instead this handpiece is designed to be placed inside of the vaginal canal to improve conditions such as sexual pain, vaginal dryness,  incontinence, and to improve vaginal tone and texture.

Treatment with the M8 technology is safe for all skin types of The Fitzpatrick Scale, which classifies the skin according to its color tone.

For women who have more melanin present in their skin, those with darker skin types and tones, there is a risk of hyperpigmentation, but this risk is minimal. If you’ve experienced hyperpigmentation in the past from a similar treatment, or have concerns about this possible side effect, speak with a provider who can often times test a small patch of the skin before deciding if treatment with the M8 is right for you. Additional side effects of treatment with the M8 technology for all skin types and tones can include short-term swelling, redness, and sun sensitivity for a few days after the procedure.

Whether you’re considering M8 as a preventative or reparative treatment, our providers are available to answer any questions you might have to determine if it’s the right tool for you and your needs. And who knows, showing off freshly reinvigorated skin could be exactly what you needed this summer. 

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