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Three treatments for glowing skin all season

The first day of fall is quickly approaching, and as the seasons change, so should our skincare routines. Fall is the perfect time to make way for seasonal treatments to provide your skin with extra nourishment and target areas of concern. It’s time to focus on treatments that soften, nourish and properly hydrate your skin to avoid any dry, cracked or itchy skin this season. 

How Fall Weather Affects Your Skin:

The air is crisp and cool, the leaves are a golden yellow and have fallen to the ground, and you are wrapped up in your cutest seasonal sweater with your favorite hot drink. While this may sound like a perfect fall day, the cooler weather can make your skin dry, itchy and tight. Humidity levels also tend to drop with cooler weather, causing dry skin and may even aggravate existing skin problems such as eczema and other dry skin conditions. While staying indoors is warm and cozy, the indoor heat pulls moisture from the air and creates a dry environment. Since inside and outside are pretty dry, it’s important to change up your skincare according to the season. 

  1. Get Glowing With A HydraFacial

As one of the most powerful non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments on the market, HydraFacials can wake up dull, flaky fall and winter skin. This A-list favorite uses a unique combination of cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidant protection to remove dead skin cells and impurities all in one visit. Furthermore, it simultaneously moisturizes the skin to create that instant gratification we all want with noticeable results. 

While this is a relaxing spa service for you, we work hard on our end to cleanse and rid your skin of clogged pores, dry bits, and impurities so you can enjoy a refreshed and rejuvenated face for all your upcoming events, even if those include snuggling up on the couch! 

  1. Out With The Old With A Dermaplane

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure led by one of our aestheticians that gently exfoliates and sweeps away dead skin and fine hairs to reveal smooth, glowy skin. This treatment has many benefits such as removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz, treating acne scars, combating wrinkles, refreshing skin, reducing the visibility of pores, and even creating a smooth surface for makeup and skincare products to go on with ease. 

Even with this being a simple, non-invasive procedure, it’s a rewarding one and a treat for yourself. It’s time to rid your face of the summer days and refresh your glow with a relaxing dermaplane. With dermaplaning, you can say goodbye to your peach fuzz and say hello to luminous skin! 

  1. Tis The Season For Fresh Lashes

No matter how much mascara you layer on or how many hours you spend looking at different mascaras, sometimes your lashes just need a little somethin’ more. While lash extensions and false lashes are always a quick option, they require more maintenance. Enter: the lash lift! In simple terms, a lash lift is essentially a perm for your natural lashes and is a relatively low-maintenance process that lifts and curls lashes long-term. 

Once your lash lift is complete, you can enjoy a completely refreshed look that enhances your natural lashes and shaves a few minutes off your morning routine. We did the homework for you on this one so you can enjoy a healthy, enhanced, and voluptuous lash!

Refresh For Fall With Us!

Prep your skin for fall the right way, and enjoy it while you’re doing it! If you have questions about your skin’s needs or want to build a custom treatment plan for any of our services, schedule a complimentary skin consultation today with one of our aestheticians.  

Ali Waychoff

Ali graduated from the University of Cincinnati with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Journalism degrees in 2018. Since then, Ali has found her passion for nursing by writing about it. Offering tips and tricks you may only get with an appointment is her ultimate goal. She believes skin care is for everyone and works through literature to make it accessible to all. With four years of unparalleled experience in Dermatology and Cosmetic journalism, she is able to create articles for those looking for answers to their questions prior to their first appointment. Ali’s level of precision and dedication to her work is what helps create such entertaining and informative articles just for you. She is always one step ahead when it comes to creating content, staying on top of the latest skin trends, and writing articles that are helpful for you and your skin needs. When she’s not writing, Ali enjoy’s tending to her online business, blogging, interior decorating, and spending time with her two dogs, Bleu and Ralphy!

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