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From botox and filler to microneedling and laser hair removal, our team will work with you to create a unique treatment plan starting with a med spa consultation.

Q:  What can I expect during a med spa consultation at HerMD?

A:  As a provider of med spa services, I understand that the world of aesthetic procedures and skincare can be very overwhelming to patients. While some patients may know exactly what they want to hear more about, others simply know they want to feel better when they look in the mirror but need help figuring out where to start. The great news is that at HerMD, we are here to help with whatever stage you are in on your skincare or aesthetic treatment journey. From botox and filler to microneedling and laser hair removal, our team will work with you to create a unique treatment plan.  For every new patient, we recommend starting with a complimentary consultation. During your consultation at HerMD, your provider will first ask you some questions to get a feel for your areas of concern. These questions may include questions about your skincare routine and treatment goals.  Based on this conversation, we can dive into all of the treatment options that are available to you (and there are many!). Please note, that the purpose of these consultations is to provide you with the tools to make an informed decision about your aesthetic treatment plan. There is no pressure on you to commit to anything or receive treatment on the day of. If it is appropriate and there is enough time after our consultation to start your treatment, we would be happy to proceed. However, in most cases, schedules often do not allow time for treatment and consultation. Additionally, we believe it is important to provide time for our patients to consider our consultation discussion before proceeding to treatment.

Q:  Do you think it is best to review skincare products or treatments during my consultation? 

Both! As Nurse Practitioner/Injector, I believe the best results come from using high-quality skin care and taking measures toward both prevention and correction. Depending on your consultation, you may decide to schedule an appointment for a laser or injectable treatment, walk out with some of our medical-grade skincare, or both!  If it seems like you got left your consultation with A LOT of recommendations, it is because your provider wants to help you get the most out of what we have to offer at HerMD.  We understand that everyone has a unique perspective, experience, budget, and expectation for themselves, that is why your treatment plan is customized just for you!  We are always happy to have ongoing consultations with you to check-in on your progress and track your treatment goals. 

Q: How can I prepare for my consultation at HerMD?

A: It is always helpful if you come to the appointment with some specific areas of concern, but if not that’s ok too.  Often times, I will have patients come in with reference photos from Pinterest or Instagram. This can be extremely helpful as a provider! For example, if you are interested in discussing lip filler, I recommend bringing photo references of lips that you find attractive. References help your provider learn a lot about the look you are going for and your personal expectations. Bringing in a list of items in your current skincare routine (or the actual products) is also very helpful to us. You may already be using some items that we love!  

During your consultation, we will also discuss your medical history and any medications you take as they relate to potential treatments. We offer medical aesthetic treatments that are not always safe for every patient. If we do not recommend a treatment to you based on your history, please understand it is for your safety as your safety in our care is our top priority. 

Lastly and most importantly, remember that this should be a relaxed and informal experience for you to gather information. We want you to feel great when you look in the mirror and be confident in your choices at HerMD.  

Kendra Rininger, NP-C

Kendra is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner/ Injector at HerMD in Carmel, Indiana. She has over twenty-five years of nursing experience with her focus and specialty being facial aesthetics since 2012. She has a heart for her patients’ personal concerns and an artistic talent for combining beauty and medicine. She specializes in injectable facial treatments such as Botox, Dysport, fillers, Sculptra, and chemical peels. She loves helping patients of all ages, genders, and backgrounds look and feel their best.

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