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An intensive, proprietary, state-of-the-art specialized training experience for HerMD healthcare professionals!

Fall is just around the corner and with the new season brings another fresh, brand new academic year ahead. With recent survey results published by The Menopause Society showing approximately only 31% of obstetric and gynecology residency program directors reporting menopause education as being included as part of their respective residency curricula, the need for formalized menopause education remains critical for optimal care of the menopause patient. Alarmingly, disparities in menopause education have persisted for more than 1 decade, with a 2013 survey showing that fewer than approximately 21% of obstetrics and gynecology residents receive formalized menopause training.

While gaps in menopause education gaps have persisted over time, the need for distinct, real-world educational solutions remains unmet. Individuals who experience menopause will reportedly spend up to 40% of their lives in menopause, highlighting the need for specialized care to ensure optimized patient outcomes – now! 

That’s why we’ve developed HerMD University:  a “classroom-to-clinic” experience offering enhanced educational opportunities for both HerMD healthcare professionals and patients alike. HerMD University embraces various educational clusters administered in a multidisciplinary fashion to ensure, above all, the most up-to-date and evidence-based treatment options and optimal health outcomes for HerMD patients. As we continue to expand our services into additional states at perhaps the most crucial time in the 21st century, we believe education is, and will always be, the cornerstone of change. Interested in learning more about HerMD University? Read below for more – class is in session!

What is HerMD University? 

What Does The Scope of Participation Look Like for Healthcare Professionals & Patients?

HerMD University is a proprietary training & education platform that blends the unique capabilities of various learning solutions to offer educational enhancement opportunities on various clinical topics affecting women across the lifespan. From the adolescent years, to the reproductive years, to the menopausal years, we have developed evidence-based opportunities for both HerMD healthcare professionals and patients alike, with the goal of increasing health literacy and optimizing health outcomes.

Specifically, we have embraced a targeted learning approach within the specialized areas of HerMD’s clinical focus: gynecology, menopause, sexual health, and aesthetics. For HerMD healthcare professionals, HerMD University is administered as an intensive, state-of-the-art training experience that aims to foster critical skills and knowledge within these specialized clinical areas through group and self-directed learning mechanisms. Importantly, we have developed proprietary algorithms of care and demonstrated proficiency metrics, ensuring standardization of patient care across the HerMD clinical enterprise. 

For patients, HerMD University presents itself across nearly every touchpoint during the HerMD experience: from engaging with our social media platforms, to attending in-person education events, to being evaluated in one of our HerMD centers. Along each step of your healthcare journey, we work diligently to ensure every “touchpoint” you engage with presents as an opportunity and reflection of our core values: education, advocacy, and empowerment.

How Does HerMD University Set HerMD Apart From Other Medical Centers? 

To our knowledge, HerMD University is one of the few, formalized, education pathways providing specialized educational opportunities to healthcare professionals, specifically within the menopause, sexual health, and advanced gynecology clinical spaces. This specialized training ensures the most up-to-date treatment options and education are offered to HerMD patients, therefore optimizing patient health outcomes when compared to the current standards of care. Additionally, our proprietary algorithms of care, of which all HerMD healthcare professionals must demonstrate proficiency, ensure a standardized, homogeneous approach to care (i.e. The HerMD Model of Care) is delivered across all HerMD centers. 

Thus far, HerMD University has shown to have a positive impact on HerMD healthcare professionals, with a 100% satisfaction rate reported by our healthcare professionals after participating in the HerMD University training experience. Benefits of HerMD University have also included a positive impact to the professional development of the healthcare professional (HCP)  as well as a 100% HCP retention rate. 

Where Do You See HerMD University Going in The Future? 

We firmly believe that the status quo will never change anything. That is why we are committed to ensuring more healthcare professionals across the country are expertly trained in menopause and sexual health care. Importantly, we envision HerMD University serving as an organizational learning education model for other healthcare organizations. We also hope to continue to expand our educational opportunities into the digital world, with on-demand resources available within digitized platforms, such as a mobile application, in the near future.

At present, select learning opportunities, such as those for healthcare professionals, are exclusively limited to HerMD HCPs, however, consideration for external stakeholders may be considered in the future.

Michelle D. Nezolosky

Michelle is the Director of Programs, responsible for leading the education and health intervention programs at HerMD. She supports the health and well-being of staff and patients through training and education, community outreach, and research initiatives.

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