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Being a sexually active adult comes with its own set of obstacles. But add a perimenopausal body and that’s when things require more flexibility. Regardless of what stage of life your body is in, you are entitled to pleasure. And as our bodies change, so do our needs. HerMD is here to help you discover ways to prioritize yourself and enjoy sex again.

Perimenopause refers to the 2 to 10 year window prior to menopause. And usually, it’s confused for menopause. During this time, periods become irregular and estrogen and testosterone drop causing mood swings, hot flashes and vaginal dryness. This can lead to sex feeling different due to the thinning of vaginal tissue and dryness. The physical and emotional changes during this phase can have an effect on sexual desire. But it cannot be stressed enough just how normal (and temporary) it is, albeit frustrating. 

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine compared the self-reported sexual functions of premenopausal women versus postmenopausal women and found that the rate of sexual dysfunction was higher among the latter. But with knowledge comes power and with power comes great sex – we made up that last part. 

Lubricants and vaginal moisturizers are popular and offer a wide range of options. The team behind the Rosebud balm created a moisturizer that over time repairs the skin. Formulated with the intention of restoring daily hydration and comfort to make space for pleasure and self-love again. The folks over at Überlube designed a lubricant that helps enhance sexual pleasure as you get to know what works for arousal. And while we want things to intensify in the bedroom, dealing with hot flashes can deter desire. This is where Gone In A Hot Flash by Womaness – carefully created menopause solutions – comes in handy.

For the bodies that experience stronger symptoms, hormone therapy is an option offered at HerMD that can be considered. Estrogen may be added to the vagina topically as a gel to help with dryness and pain. It can also be ingested to ease the discomfort that comes with the hot flashes, sleep deprivation and depression that can arise during perimenopause. A recent study conducted by USC medical researcher, Howard Hodis, found that hormone therapy – if started early – can prevent bone loss and lower the risk of heart attacks in women ages 35 to 55.

There will come a time when Perimenopause ends but it doesn’t have to take your sex life with it. Communication with a menopause specialist and your partner(s) can uncover an entire realm of intimacy and depth. Let’s not forget that with aging comes wisdom, experience and gratification. It’s impossible to predict how life’s many stages will impact our sex lives. That’s why an emphasis on empowerment through safe, comprehensive, female-focused spaces like HerMD is vital. When you have a team you trust, you can devise a plan that works best.

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