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Reproductive health and fertility care is essential to women’s health care.

From family planning to contraception, to diagnosing and treating STIs, or helping with infertility we offer comprehensive reproductive health and fertility care. Our care team will review all of your options with you in our warm and welcoming centers. Even better – our services are covered by most major insurance plans.

What HerMD Offers:

  • Family planning counseling

    Want to get pregnant now? Having problems getting pregnant? Meet with your HerMD provider to discuss all of your options.

  • Contraceptive counseling

    Not sure which birth control option is right for you? Questions about IUDs? Our team at HerMD can review all of your contraceptive options with you.

  • Ovulation induction prescriptions

    Not ovulating? Experiencing irregular menstrual cycles or unexplained infertility? Our providers can work with you to see if ovulation-inducing medications may help.

  • Follicle scanning

    Follicle tracking is a way of predicting the time of ovulation by performing a series of ultrasound scans. HerMD offers this scanning right in the comfort of our centers.

  • Femvue to evaluate tubal patency

    For couples having trouble conceiving a child, 1 in 3 have some degree of tubal blockage. The fallopian tubes need to be open in order for the sperm to reach the egg. HerMD offers FemVue® testing to determine if the fallopian tubes are open.

  • Male partner prescription for semen analysis

    Trouble conceiving? We also can give your male partner a prescription for a semen analysis in order to determine if there may be a male infertility.

  • Ovulation blood work & labs

    Several blood tests are available to determine if you, your partner, or both of you have a problem that is causing infertility.

  • Evaluation for luteal phase defect

    Luteal phase defect (LPD) occurs when a woman’s ovaries don’t release enough progesterone, or the uterus lining doesn’t respond to progesterone.

  • Diagnose and treat all STIs

    Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are infections that are passed from one person to another through sexual contact. Experiencing symptoms? Exposed to an STI? We can diagnose and treat – no shame, no stigma.

  • Birth control pill prescriptions

    Need your birth control prescription refilled? We’ve got you covered.

  • Emergency contraception

    In need of emergency contraception? Prescribed emergency contraception is often covered by insurance.

  • IUD insertion

    We insert IUDs in the comfort of our locations with your HerMD provider with you every step of the way.

  • Nexplanon insertion

    The Nexplanon implant is a very small rod inserted under the skin of a woman’s upper arm to provide birth control. It’s invisible and prevents pregnancy for up to 3 years.

  • Hormone management

    Even a slight hormonal imbalance can cause fatigue, weight change, acne, and issues with fertility. Your HerMD provider will work with you to help find a better balance.

  • Biopsy and imaging

    An infertility workup includes laboratory and imaging tests – which we can do right in our HerMD locations.

  • Pregnancy confirmation

    Positive at home pregnancy test? Missed your period? We can confirm your pregnancy and continue care up until 12 weeks.


It all starts with you – your personalized fertility assessment.

The results will help you learn more about your fertility and help inform your options. Your assessment begins with a consultation with your HerMD provider. Afterward you may undergo fertility hormone testing and an ultrasound of your ovaries (right in our centers!). From there, you and your provider will work together to create your personalized plan and next steps.

The HerMD Difference

  • 10 minute appointments
  •  20 – 60 minute appointments
  • Fragmented
  • In-person only
  • Hybrid: in-person and virtual
  • Sterile environment
  • Patient-centric, beautiful and warm
  • Focus on obstetrics, annuals, and STI care
  • Gynecology, sexual health and menopause focused with ISSWSH and NAMS trained providers

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But don’t just take our word for it…

  • Betsy Kortekamp

    Cincinnati, OH

    Everyone is so friendly and professional!! Rachal is great!!!

  • Kenzie H

    The staff is amazing! I had to track them down after they left a previous practice. They truly care and listen to your concerns, wants, and needs!

  • Barrie Lynn

    Lovely experience! Office looks like an episode of Fixer Upper. Docs/staff incredibly kind and knowledgeable

  • Brianne M

    I have found the heart of my health in the hands of these providers. Have you ever just felt understood, are you looking for a thorough conversation hitting all the marks and nitty gritty! I am blown away by the care I received here! I want you to know, they listen, they care and they are there to help you! I am also at awe of their cute space. So elegant clean and classy!

  • Pamela Stone

    Such a great experience! Welcoming staff. The waiting area is comfortable and offers cold beverages and coffee. Dr Taylor Hahn was extremely personable and made me feel very comfortable and confident during the whole visit. I highly recommend!!

  • Jessica Anderson

    HerMD is a wonderful office! The staff is very friendly! Dr. Taylor Hahn is fantastic! She listened to everything I had to say and we made a plan for my future care with the office. I look forward to becoming an established patient at this location.


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