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Using EmSculpt Neo to build strength and confidence postpartum

When I first learned about EmSculpt Neo, I was ecstatic to try it! In July of 2023, I had a cesarean section to bring my first child, Ruskin, into the world. Following the C-section, not only did I have stubborn abdominal fat that was just not going away even as I approached my pre-pregnancy weight, but I also had zero core strength.  

I had a very mild diastasis recti. However, the abdominal separation certainly impacted my ability to engage my core. I was doing my best to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine but was discouraged by my lack of core strength.  

While I admit that my initial interest in EmSculpt Neo was primarily rooted in vanity and wanting my abdomen to look better, the bigger appeal for me was the potential to increase core strength/build muscle. I realized building my core strength was a priority as a new mom the day we brought our son home from the hospital after discovering the one thing that could soothe him was to hold him while sitting and bouncing on a yoga ball. Sounds easy enough, right? My lack of core strength made this nearly impossible.  Within just a few minutes of sitting on the yoga ball, my back would feel like it was on fire. I would be sore after the fact. It was incredibly frustrating. This was truly what motivated me to give EmSculpt Neo a try.

My goals for my EmSculpt Neo plan included:

  • Improve core strength/stamina  
  • Improve posture/decrease back pain
  • Improve physical appearance/confidence in pre-baby clothes

The EmSculpt Neo process with Karen Medeiros 

Some patients may find the contraction a little uncomfortable, but I describe it as feeling like an intense workout. One treatment is equivalent to doing 20,000+ crunches! The entire treatment takes only 30 minutes. After this is complete, applicators are removed, and you’re on your way! No downtime. No restrictions. While I have never personally experienced any soreness following treatments, occasionally, patients do say they feel sore the following day (comparable to soreness following a moderate workout). 

At HerMD, we generally recommend a series of 6 weekly treatments though recommendations may vary based on individual and treatment goals. It is honestly baffling to me as both a patient and a provider how easy the whole process is, considering how impressive the results have been.  

How does EmSculpt Neo work? 

EmSculpt Neo is the world’s first and only technology that uses Radiofrequency and HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic field) to eliminate fat and build muscle non-invasively. With Radiofrequency, in less than 4 minutes, the temperature in the fat cells reaches levels that cause permanent damage.  

These fat cells are slowly removed from the body following treatment.  An average treatment series reduces fat by 30%. HIFEM increases temperature in muscles while also contracting muscles at intensities that are not achievable during a routine exercise. Strained muscle fibers initiate a growth process allowing for an average increase of 25% in muscle following the treatment series.  

What were the results? 

Within just a few treatments, I started to notice that my waist was reappearing. My clothes fit a little better.  But the most evident change was that I felt like I was finally regaining some core strength. My posture was improving, and I could comfortably bounce on that yoga ball for much longer with no back pain. It wasn’t until we took pictures after the completion of the 6th treatment that I realized just what a dramatic impact the treatment had made on my core. In less than two months, there had been significant fat reduction and improved abdominal definition.

What’s next for my treatment plan? 

We started my EmSculpt journey with the Edge applicator, which targets obliques/love handles.  (I knew I would eventually want to do the abdominal applicator as well, but I still had some sensitivity around my c-section scar, and although this isn’t a contraindication to treatment, I wanted to delay that portion until I was at least six months postpartum.)  

Now that I have completed the series of treatments with the Edge Applicator, I plan to start a series with the applicator for the anterior abdomen. This will help continue improving abdominal strength while also targeting some stubborn fat in the lower abdomen. Though rehab for my abdomen is my main goal, I’ve been so impressed with my results thus far that I don’t think my journey will stop there. Inner and outer thighs are next on my radar!

My advice for new moms seeking care

As moms, we sometimes feel like pursuing this type of treatment is selfish. Rest assured that EmSculpt Neo is not just about feeling confident in a swimsuit (although there is also nothing wrong with having this goal). This procedure has far more physical benefits beyond just the outward appearance.  You will feel stronger. Your posture will improve. You will have more stamina. As a result of all these things, you will feel more confident, which will positively impact you in many ways.  

We live in a culture that puts so much pressure on moms to just miraculously “bounce back” after they have a child. Not only is this an unfair expectation, but can also be near impossible, especially with diastasis recti (which is far more common than most realize). Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it certainly takes a toll on the body, specifically the core. After pregnancy, generally, little care or rehabilitation is offered to the new mom.  

If it were up to me, I would tell every OB/GYN to consider adding EmSculpt as a service postpartum because there are so many physical benefits. New moms are also stretched so thin. Spending hours in the gym or with trainers/physical therapists is not always feasible. The fact that an effective option is available that just takes 30 minutes once a week is mind-blowing. I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to utilize EmSculpt Neo to help with my postpartum core rehab. This technology is a game changer. 

Are you interested in seeing additional EmSculpt Postpartum results? Brenda Rivera Stearns improved the appearance of diastasis recti and build core strength with EmSculpt Neo at HerMD Cincinnati.

Ashley Clark, NP-C, WHNP-BC

Ashley is a dual-certified nurse practitioner with over 12 years of clinical experience. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Central Arkansas before relocating to Nashville. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Master of Science in Nursing in 2010 and dual certification in adult and women’s health. She has worked in multiple specialties, including primary care, nonsurgical medical weight loss, interventional pain management and neurology, dermatology, and medical aesthetics. She has been practicing aesthetics since 2015 with an emphasis on neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and regenerative technologies. She always strives to create the most refreshed and natural-looking results to ensure that clients leave their appointments feeling better than when they came in.

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