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Improving the appearance of Diastasis Recti and reducing back pain with EmSculpt Neo

Earlier this summer, we launched an exciting new non-invasive body sculpting treatment at HerMD. Emsculpt Neo is the first of its kind to simultaneously treat both muscle and fat to change the tone and appearance of the treated area dramatically. 

Instagram creator and mom extraordinaire Brenda Rivera Stearns joined me to develop her personalized EmSculpt Neo treatment plan. 

Our goals for her plan included:

  • Build strength 
  • Reduce back pain 
  • Tone core muscles 
  • Improve the appearance of diastasis recti

The Process With Brenda Rivera Stearns

As a mom of six, Brenda experienced diastasis recti, the separation of the rectus abdominis muscles during and after pregnancy. 

What are some common symptoms of diastasis recti? Common symptoms include a visible bulge or “pooch” that protrudes above the belly button, back pain, incontinence, pain during sex, and pelvic/hip pain. 

How does EmSculpt Neo address these concerns? 

Understanding the technology behind the treatments is key to achieving patient results. EmSculpt Neo combines the power of two technologies, radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy, to break down fat and strengthen and tone various body areas.

In 21 peer-reviewed clinical studies and publications, EmSculpt Neo showed consistency in eliminating fat and building muscle. Based on an average in their clinical studies, their patients achieved +25% more muscle and -30% less fat. 

Fun fact – Emsculpt Neo additionally supports your lymphatic system by decreasing swelling and draining toxins from the body to promote relaxation. 

Where does diastasis recti come in? 

When it comes to improving pelvic floor conditions and diastasis recti, current clinical studies are showing a 19% improvement in results. This is a game-changer for postpartum patients. I look forward to keeping up with the results of this study. 

What was Brenda’s treatment plan? 

After her initial consultation, where we discussed her goals for treatment, Brenda came in for five consecutive treatment sessions over the course of a month. We treated her entire core muscle with the abdomen applicator and the NEW edge applicators on her flanks and discussed other lifestyle interventions to maximize outcomes. The result? An improvement in strength, improved appearance of diastasis rectis, and reduction of back pain! 

What do these results mean for you?  

When you look good, you feel good. If you’ve seen me for any treatments from head to toe, chances are you’ve heard me say this. 

EmSculpt Neo is a treatment that lives up to its promises. You will experience a reduction and increase in muscle whether you seek treatment in your flanks, abdomen, glutes, arms, or even calves; it is doing what they say it does. 

Outside of aesthetic results, this treatment can also improve your quality of life. Patients have reported less back pain because they are no longer overcompensating the core or glute muscles and better sleep with longer REM states because nerves aren’t being aggravated. 

Emsculpt Neo does more than just make you look good. It makes you feel good. That is exactly why this body contouring treatment is more than just a ‘treatment’ to me. 

This service is currently available in our New Jersey and Tennessee centers. Schedule a consultation today. 

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