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Jessica Ireland joined HerMD Franklin for a series of EmSculpt Neo treatments to build strength in the glutes

Are you interested in a non-invasive butt lift? EmSculpt Neo is one of my favorite treatment options. Unlike other glute lifting procedures, this technology focuses on your muscles to achieve the desired results. Nashville-based photographer and model Jessica Ireland joined me in Tennessee to develop her personalized EmSculpt Neo treatment plan. 

The goals for her plan included:

  • Build strength 
  • Reduce fat 
  • Achieve a rounder, firmer, lifted butt

How does EmSculpt Neo work? 

EmSculpt Neo combines the power of radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to break down fat and strengthen and tone the desired areas of the body.

What was Jessica’s treatment plan? 

Jessica came in for six consecutive treatment sessions over a few weeks. Each session was approximately 30 minutes with no downtime. The result? A stronger, rounder, firmer, and lifted butt!

What do these results mean for you?  

Believe the hype! EmSculpt Neo is a great sculpting device for patients seeking a safe, non-invasive treatment option. See more results here.

Are you interested in an EmSculpt Neo treatment? Schedule a consultation today. 

Karen Medeiros, RN

Karen is a Registered Nurse and licensed laser technician. She is passionate about helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals. From preventative Botox to Morpheus8 microneedling for aging skin, she’s excited to be a partner with you on your aesthetic journey.

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