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Safely Minimize Stress, Anxiety, and Treatment Pain with Pro-Nox

We are excited to share that Pro-Nox™ is now available at HerMD in our Ohio and Tennessee locations. 

“Your care is our priority. In addition to other pain management methods, I am so excited to offer this innovative solution to ease anxiety and maximize comfort during our gynecology or aesthetic treatments.”- HerMD Co-Founder, Dr. Somi Javaid 

What is it?

Pro-Nox is an analgesic (a medication that relieves pain) composed of 50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous Oxide, delivered before a procedure or treatment to help alleviate pain, anxiety, and increase comfort. Pro-Nox is similar, but slightly different in composition, to the “laughing gas” that is administered at dental offices nationwide. It is safe, effective, easy-to-use, and offers superior infection control with the use of the internal on demand valve.

Which services can I add Pro-Nox to? 

Pro-Nox may be offered to patients before a complex IUD insertion, IUD removal, Endosee, DYSIS, or LEEP procedures, or to patients who are nervous before a procedure or treatment. On the aesthetic side, the service may be helpful for patients before receiving treatment with Morpheus8 or SkinPen microneedling devices, laser treatments, and/or injectables. 

In addition to maximizing comfort during procedures, Pro-Nox is temporary and clears from the body in just minutes, so you can drive home safely following your procedure.

If you are interested in receiving Pro-Nox before or during an upcoming gynecologic or aesthetic service at HerMD, your designated HerMD healthcare professional will review your medical history and conduct a robust discussion with you to determine your candidacy for receiving the Pro-Nox analgesic. 

If you’re interested in this add-on for an upcoming treatment, please discuss it with our team during your next appointment. Pro-Nox is currently available as an add-on at our Ohio and Tennessee centers.

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